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Pack of Wolves

 A PACK OF WOLVES is the most intricate and complicated family structure that exists outside of the human race. As with our teams, no two wolves in The Pack have the same job, duty or function. Some hunt, some scout, some raise puppies and most important all the wolves in the pack share in the work that leads to their survival. If a wolf refuses to do his job or doesn’t fulfill his role in The Pack, he will be run off and left to survive on his own.


What this means is:  YES, we do need YOU but YOU need EVERYONE else too. We ARE stronger TOGETHER! EVERYONE in The Pack must understand the concept of everyone moving and working for the same goals.




Supreme confidence in our ability to WIN in any situation, no matter the circumstance!
We expect to beat you in everything we do – whether we are playing cards or checkers I expect to win. If I’m in your class, I expect to get better grades than you! If I dig in the batter's box and I'm 0 for my last 10, my 11th AB I am coming to the plate expecting to hammer the baseball with pure confidenceWe keep coming; One after another after another and we do not stop! Wave after Wave after Wave! #WaveAfterWave GREAT POSITIVE Attitudes overcome anything AND everything!


The approach inside The Pack is your job, your duty and function at ANY given time within the confines of The Pack.
Your approach IS who you are and how you go about your business. Joe Torre's had a quote about Derek Jeter where he said, “Once Derek learned his limits, he became LIMITLESS.”

We will teach you what type of player you are, your role on our team and what is expected of you inside The Pack. When you understand your role we expect you to attack your job with great energy and intensity. For example, If you're asked to bunt we expect you will be the absolute best at it and you're willing to do it whenever without any doubt in your mind. We do WHATEVER it takes to win!

The intensity inside The Pack is your love for the challenge of competition!
Intensity is our
greatest tool and our biggest strength. PURE intensity allows EVERYONE to overachieveIntensity allows us to hit, pitch and field above our ability. We are 100% convinced, that when we bring the energy and intensity and this is done right, it's worth 3 runs before the game even starts. WE walk on the field and expect to win having great confidence. This intensity and confidence will intimidate the opposing team. The opposition is mentally beat before the game even starts. INTENSITY IN ITS PUREST FORM MEANS WAVE AFTER WAVE, like the ocean waves crashing on the beach. We do not stop. Baseball is a failure game and this means yes "They may get him out, they may get him out, they may get him out but OH Sh** here comes him". This is how we will win baseball games. Wave After Wave After Wave!! Keep on coming at our opponents and we are confident they WILL make a mistake. We have great mental tenacity and toughness to keep on coming throughout the game and NO MATTER WHAT happens during the course of the game we expect to WIN!


Inside The Pack, our toughness means our approach and intensity in the midst of adversity!
The other team will have to stomp us out to get us to quit coming at them. A true sign of a TOUGH, GREAT TEAM is one that can score with 2 outs and no one on base. (2) out RBIs break the pitchers’ back. 2 out RBIs break the will and spirit of our opponent and will force the pitcher to start looking into the dugout for help – when we get the pitcher to look in his dugout for help, IT"S OVER! Get the buffalo OFF the hill!

Inside The Pack, we don’t want the guy that is only a leader when everything is going well. We want players that LEAD FROM THE FRONT and continues to LEAD WHEN IT HITS THE FAN!

When the following 4 pillars are understood and trained properly we will create 2 kinds of players and people.


Aggressors- play the game with the freedom of the fear of consequence. We want players who are NOT AFRAID. Aggressors force the action and are unafraid to crash and burn. The most important thing that a man will ever do in his life is to respond. We want our players to ask themselves: Did I compete during every AB with bat speed on every single swing. Did I hustle on and off the field every single inning? Did I pick up the next guy in line after I made a bad out? If the answer is YES to all of them, Then WE ARE WINNING! #AAIT is all that matters!

Competitors- hate losing more than they love winning. We will surround ourselves with piss poor losers that hate to lose and understand losing is unacceptable.

GREAT AT THE "ABSOLUTES!                                                   

We cannot control the results, our main focus will be on the things that we CAN control. Control the Controllable. Without The Pack absolutes, you will not function inside of The Pack.

1.) It's not about me! It's all about The Pack and the dude next to me... The results today are temporary but my commitment to The Pack is forever!

2.) We will make NO EXCUSES...We always "Embrace The Challenge"

3.) The Pack is Physically Stronger and Mentally Tough than our Opponent...We work harder than them!

4.) Being hit by a Pitch! Having the courage to stay in the box and take the free base allowing our teammates to drive us in. NOBODY moves our feet! We LOVE free bases!

5.) We COMPETE at the dish every at bat! Our #1 goal is to take something from the pitcher and have NO WEAK EARLY OUTS! We understand the difference between training and playing.

6.) WE ARE THE BIG HIT!! Every player inside The Pack loves driving in runs and will hammer the mistakes thrown by the pitcher no matter at what point during the game it may happen. We EXPECT TO HIT!!!

7.) We play aggressive having the WILL TO WIN!!! WIN= What's Important NOW. We are not afraid to crash and burn.

8.) We are RELENTLESS! The Pack is like the waves crashing at the beach, one after another after another after another...

9.) WE RUN!!! We will lead every game, inning, and tournament in stolen bases! We will be the best at running on balls in the dirt. We take pride in our baserunning and will always focus on the ball.

10.) Slow the game down! Our goal is to win every single inning and are not scoreboard watching. Take care of every detail during the course of the game, be the best at the things nobody wants to be great at and the results will happen. We will make the other team want to go home. Play with confidence and EXPECT to WIN!

The Pack Absolutes means we will be THE BEST at what nobody else cares about or wants to be great at.

What are the things nobody cares about or wants to be great at:

  1. Backing up bases > WE ARE THE BEST!
  2. Hustle out ground balls and fly balls with Hard 90's > WE ARE THE BEST!
  3. Bunting for base hits and/or sac bunts > WE ARE THE BEST!
  4. Situational Hitting > WE ARE THE BEST!
  5. Hit by pitch > WE ARE THE BEST!
  6. Running on and off the field > WE ARE THE BEST!  
  7. The intensity in the dugout > WE ARE THE BEST!