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2019 Scout Teams

09/03/2018, 10:15pm EDT
By Guy Lynam

Scout Teams to expand starting in '19



The All Out Pack will expand the "Scout Team" program in the 2019 season. We will run our Scout Team from 7U-18U. What is our Scout Team program?


* Development Program- Since 1999 we have worked hard for our players and families. Throughout the years of training our players and building trusting relationships with their careers, we built a remarkable reputation. For many years now we train, coach and mentor some of the best HS players in New Jersey. Year after year we have averaged the most HS players on the Carpenter Cup team of any program in NJ! We average 10 or so division 1 college baseball commitments per year and it's our training and trust from our players and families that set us apart. This did not just happen in the last year or two. This is something we built for many, many years. Our unique training, training methods and the standards we set will be shared with the younger players and families. We will spend as much time as it takes for everyone to be on the same page and understand the direction we need to go on to continue our success.


* Sponsorship Program- We are signing with a great sponsorship and we will take advantage of it from top to bottom of our program. Even our coaches will get a very nice gear package. 


* Players- Our younger players will receive the same exposure as the High School players. Whether it is with College Coaches, on our Social Media accounts, we will make sure we use every avenue to assist in the development of the player both on and off the baseball field.


* Coaching- each one of our Scout Team coaches will be on the same page. Whether we have a father on the field, a paid assistant or a full-time coach, we will play the same style of baseball from top to bottom. Truly get an understanding of what The Pack stands for!


* Training- Our training sessions will be very similar from age group to age group. When everyone is together and on the same page it makes having success fun and achievable. Coaches and/or trainers will collaborate on what has worked for them in the past and each team will be on the same page as far as training and transferring what we are working onto the field. We want and need lifetime learners and not "know it all" in The Pack.


* The Pack- Each and every player will have a great understanding of what The Pack stands for! The players will take great pride knowing and believing they are playing for something bigger than themselves!



         2019 Scout Team Early Registration                                                   

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