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When in the Mindbody site please type in THE DEN inside the search bar. It will then navigate you to our master scheduling offerings for all age groups. Members please notice it will mark you as unpaid through the mind body site but we have you checked into the sports engines payment portal.

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Please click on Private Lessons to schedule your appointment through the Mind Body website. In the search bar please type in THE DEN to find the instructor of choice.

2020 Spring Tournaments 

~ All Out Invitational ~

April 25th-26th 

Ages 7u 8u 9u 10u $450 11u 12u $550 13u $650

~ Dominate The Diamond ~

May 30th-31st 

Ages 7u 8u 9u 10u $450 11u 12u $550 13u $650

~ Father's Day ~ 

June 20th - 21st 

Ages 7u 8u 9u 10u $450 11u 12u $550 13u $650

Location: East Greenwich Little League Complex 

280 Jessups Mill Road, Clarksboro, NJ 08020

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2020 Spring/Summer Team Tryouts Registration Link 


The Den
610 Ryan Ave
Suite V10
Westville, NJ 08093
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Are we a Premier or Elite program? Sure. That's easy to say but the difference, we are about actions not words. We expect to be the best and we guarantee that we will work hard for you and have a great staff with the very best resources in the State. Our actions have been speaking loud with Millions of Scholarships offered to our players.
We are very fortunate to gather some of the most talented players in New Jersey to develop and represent The Pack and look forward to increased success as we expand on the great foundation that has been set by our previous players and families. The Pack is Strong!